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Questions to the community

Hello Comrades,
I see that this community has fallen into disuse, so I thought I would throw out some questions hopefully to provoke some conversation, thought, and maybe some community-building.

I'm currently in a History of Science class, "African Science: Science in Africa at Sarah Lawrence college, and it's been an amazing study of the field of history of science. There are so few programs that specialize in the study, so I count myself very lucky to be in one of the few. I was wondering if others have been in other History of Science courses, what they were and what the syllabus was like. The syllabus for my class can be seen online here: http://pages.slc.edu/~mdillard/index.php?course=doctors for those interested. Right now, I'm doing conference work on the history of precolonial African public health, and it's been really illuminating.

What are your favorite books regarding the history of science? Which books do you think get it toally wrong? Which topics are you most interested in studying? I am also very interested in the history of 'pseudosciences', ethnopsychiatry, and the African brain drain.

I'm going to be starting a news blog in the next few weeks to track public health, medical anthropology, and historically-significant, sociologically-significant science articles. I'd be glad to have more contributors and submissions. It's all in a very early planning stage right now. I think it's important to have a centralized news source for these interrelated disciplines to help push people towards finding the connections between politics, health, science, environment and culture.

I don't mean to be so overty enthusiastic, but I am hoping that this community will become more active and you'll discuss what you're interested in, what you're studying, and what brings you here.
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